About the Society

The Australia China Friendship Society is a not-for-profit organisation, run completely by volunteers. It was founded in the early 1950s to promote friendship and understanding between the people of Australia and China. It has no political affiliation.

This society has branches in each State and Territory of Australia. The NT Branch was established in 1970s.

The NT Branch holds monthly meetings covering a wide range of activities. Monthly newsletter is published on this site as well as facebook to keeps members informed of coming events and activities and provides update on topics related to Australia-China Friendship.

Our Logo

Australia China Friendship Society

Australia China Friendship Society

Current Activities

We try to have a range of activities during the year such as:

  • Celebrating special days of Chinese Traditional culture, such as Spring Festival, Moon Festival
  • Participate in local events with a multicultural theme such as Harmony Day, Darwin Festival
  • Perform Chinese Traditional Dances
  • Have Guest speakers to talk about many notable topics related to China such as culture,history, art, architecture, traditional medicine, etc
  • Dinners¬†to meet and catch up with other members.
  • Chinese FM Broadcast
  • Chinese Music Concert
  • Interaction and Conference with representatives from other ACFS Branches
  • Fundraiser
  • Promotion and demonstration of Chinese cooking and show how to make delicacies such as Dumplings.
  • Films
  • Tours to China and other countries

Guest Speakers

We have had a number of guest speakers over the years.