The Australia China Friendship Society (ACFS) is a non profit organisation and it has branches in all Australian States and Territories. The ACFS NT Branch was established in the 1970s and has proud history in promoting friendship between the people of Australia and the people of China and actively contributed to a harmonious society in Darwin. Recently, ACFS NT has actively participated in many cultural celebrations, supported the Sister City Program, performed at Darwin Festival, and organised Art exhibitions and Chinese language broadcasting. ACFS NT has become a very active member of the local society. Looking back, I can see the amazing hardships and challenges we have had to overcome. Persistence and passion motivated us to keep moving forward, and I am truly proud of our achievement. The achievements we have made would not have been possible without the enthusiasm of our members. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank every single member of our family for your great contribution to the Society. We are proud of where we have come from, and where we are going, and we will continue to build a bridge of friendship between the people of Australia and people of China. ACFS NT values friendship and collaboration with other communities and organisations. Over the years, we have established very strong ties with our sister organisations, such as the Australian China Business Council (ACBC), City of Darwin, Hakka Association, and CDU Confucius Institute, as well as many other community organisations. We appreciate all their support and are looking forward to continue working with them for a strong and positivemulticultural society in Darwin.

Working for ACFS, each day is exciting because we have a great enthusiasm and passion for what we do. We believe that better understanding of each other’s cultural, history and social life lays a solid foundation of friendship. Great friendship and cooperation will bring great prosperity to both countries. Look into the future, there is still so much to do to meet expectations. ACFS is now at a new starting point to explore innovative ways for growth.

Our first priority is to grow and strengthen our society. We invite all friends who have a passion for promoting friendship and cooperation between Australia and China to join us in this great cause. We look forward to cooperat
ing with all our friends and creating a brilliant future together.
Shu Qin Li
President of ACFS NT Branch


Our Aim

Promote the friendship and understanding between
the people of Australia and people of China