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50th Mercedes-Benz Actros

ACFS Port Logistics commenced its relationship with Daimler trucks in mid 2020, and in less than 18 months is delighted to celebrate the end of 2022 with its 50th purchase of the Mercedes-Benz Actros, which is certainly a milestone in the working relationship.

The business is so pleased with the Truck and service support from Daimler Gold Coast and all state maintenance branches, that another 50 Mercedes-Benz Actros are in the pipeline from Daimler in 2023, and we are certainly looking forward to bringing up the century of this quality and green friendly (Euro 6) truck.

Just some of the features on the ACFS Spec Mercedes

  • 3 minute shut off, reduced idle time and therefore emissions.
  • Electric (run off batteries) Viesa Coolers for in cabin air conditioning. Ensures drivers do not leave the engine running for use of the air conditioner.
  • Air ride cab (Fatigue management)
  • Safety Pack Classic , Includes Lane & Attention Assist , Active Brake Assist and Proximity Control
  • Multimedia system that incorporates Bluetooth , Radio and Truck Navigation
  • Internal and external facing cameras

The Mercedes-Benz Actros operates primarily in the higher productivity (HPV) application, as an A-Double or Bogie / Bogie combination, as well as the highly productive A-Double Tautliner, which is able to carry 80 pallets to high volume clients, and or clients looking to operate more cost effectively.