Bio-Security and Customs

ACFS Port Logistics has a national presence on-port with Class 1.1 or 1.3 Quarantine Approved Premises and 77G Customs Licence. 

Our solution is designed to offer a quick turnaround of DAWR requirements, whilst providing full visibility of the status.

Within each state, ACFS offers the service of Class 4.1 (Heat Treatment). 4.6 (Fumigation), 4.7 (Secure Unpack) and has been approved to offer 14.4 ( Approved Arrangement – Rural Tailgate). Which allows ACFS to perform inspections without the assistance of DAFF personal speeding up the process of inspections

Tailgate and washes


Heat treatment

Inspect unpacks

Underbond container and loose freight storage

  • ACFS have manned depot licences (1.1 Quarantine Approved Premises) in most of our sites, minimising idle time between collection off wharf and quarantine inspection or treatment
  • Our technology solution offers full end-to-end visibility and live updates of the status of a container from collection off container terminal up to processing of Quarantine Release
  • ACFS is a one stop shop for all your Bio-Security requirements with accreditation for quarantine services class 4.1 (Heat Treatment), 4.6 (Fumigation) and 4.7 (Secure Unpack)

  • All our sites are Customs bonded (77G Licence), allowing us to transport and store containers and loose freight underbond
  • Our sites operate 24/5 (and weekends upon request), allowing you to deliver or collect your containers for Quarantine Services when convenient, to avoid waiting in queues and maximise productivity