Warehousing – 3PL, FAK and e-Commerce

ACFS e-Solutions offers a range of warehouse and fulfilment services, providing flexible and scalable logistics solutions to our valued clients.
ACFS provides each client a world class service through the implementation of its state of the art WMS (Warehouse Management System), catering to the requirements of tailor made operational expectations.

Racking and bulk storage


of warehousing footprint

Full pallet, carton pick and item pick capability

B2B & B2C

B2B and B2C distribution network

With a technologically advanced, intuitive inventory control system, ACFS enables its clients the ability to manage their stock remotely as an extension of their own warehouse. Creating this customer link provides each client the enhanced ability to plan, manage and forecast more accurately and efficiently. ACFS 3PL division operates a specialty fleet ranging in capability from drop decks to Maxi Liners capable of transporting 68 Pallets per load delivering on our 3-Pillar promise to maximise TEU, Weight and/or Cube in order to effectively minimise costs per load. This capability allows ACFS 3PL to effectively increase productivity and decrease cost, achieving positive results for each client.

To enable the highly effective inventory management process, ACFS have partnered with Australian company Paperless for our WMS.  The WMS is managed and operated by a highly experienced and trained team, driven to achieve the highest results possible in visibility and inventory management.

To complement the operational excellence of the ACFS 3PL Logistics Division, ACFS provides the service of pallet and carton Transport to Distribution Centers and Consumer locations across Australia. Each division characteristically boasts state of the art technology with advanced fleet management, maximising productivity and efficiency.


ACFS Port Logistics is a leader in Australian landside logistics. We operate facilities with significant scope, storage space and upscale ability. ACFS 3PL Logistics is at the forefront of DC design and optimisation. Offering national modern facilities, we provide cost effective yet comprehensive inventory management solutions. Our logistics solutions are customized to your needs while maintaining compliance, security and operational integrity.

eCommerce Fulfilment

The team at ACFS e-Solutions understands the intricacies and challenges associated with direct-to-consumer fulfilment services, and the important role we serve in creating a high-end customer experience. Same day turnaround on orders, professional presentation, gift-wrapping and personalized notes are all services we can customize to ensure that the experience is delivered and represents the reputation you are building. Our sense of commitment drives who we are and everything we do. We’re committed to each other, to our clients and their customers.

Retail store Fulfilment

ACFS e-Solutions has complete end-to-end B2B retail store fulfilment capabilities, whether it be a large format retail store or a small shopfront ACFS e-Solutions will ensure all your orders are delivered in full and on time.


ACFS e-Solutions utilises various transport platforms to ensure that all your freight is optimised, offering least cost routing capability to all of our clients. Most domestic transport platforms used are running off a cloud-based shipping platform that offers multi-carrier, multi-warehouse, multi-location and multi-user functionality. These systems make smarter decisions to save you time, money and to keep your customers happy. Ship to anywhere in the world with Australia’s leading carriers.

Cross Docking

With state-of-the-art distribution facilities strategically located around Australia, ACFS works with our customers to develop efficient cross docking solutions to streamline supply chain operations, whilst offering agile service options tailored to individual needs.

Reverse Logistics / Returns

Returns or reverse logistics are a natural part of operating an eCommerce / 3PL business. Even when a product is returned, ACFS e-Solutions can help you take a lost sale and turn it into an exceptional customer experience. All returns are managed via ACFS e-Solutions Inventory Management System. This ensures clients have full visibility of the process and progress of each returned item.

Pick & Pack

ACFS e-Solutions provide complete pick and pack services for contrasting product types and varying order profiles, whether it be full carton, pallet down item picking, we have you covered. As a result of the technology available to us through Paperless WMS, all orders are scan picked and packed to ensure accuracy and completeness of orders.

Value Added Services

At ACFS e-Solutions, we offer a broad range of value-added services, allowing you to focus on your core business whilst leveraging our infrastructure, systems and resources. Our team will work with you to best support any ad-hoc services outside of scope of your standard operations.

System Integration

Our Paperless Warehouse Management system can be seamlessly integrated with a number of platforms. In conjunction with highly skilled Paperless resources, we will work closely with you and your business to ensure the highest level in integration and automation available to ensure you can get on with running your business.