Intermodal Rail Terminals

ACFS Intermodal Terminals located in NSW (Enfield, Spring Farm, St Marys) and VIC (West Melbourne, Altona North).  

Connecting our local container terminals to metro and regional business hubs via a supply chain network designed to promote efficient transport of freight on rail.

Our commitment to reduce the trucks on the road has allowed a us to successfully execute our “Green Initiative” which has delivered a significant reduction in carbon emission now with further plans to achieve a more sustainable delivery plan into the future.

On-Port and Inland Terminals


of container storage capacity

Integrated empty container management capability


on rail

  • ACFS partner with all national and state based rail operators to build an efficient logistical network of Port to Distribution Centre or Paddock to Port, by operating open access terminals
  • ACFS Intermodal Terminals also provide empty container management services, therefore eliminating the road transport leg of collecting or dehiring empty containers, and therefore allowing you to maximise free days provided by Shipping Lines

  • The sites are sufficiently equipped with container handling equipment, to ensure quick turnaround times for both trains and trucks, therefore maximising productivity for all
  • Operating warehouses adjacent to intermodals terminals allows for freight storage and packing/unpacking services all within meters