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ACFS Partner with Sany Heavy Forklifts

A big part of what makes ACFS different is the consistent investment, to continue supporting our customers with new, modern and reliable equipment assets.

In the tradition of “always being prepared”, #ACFS #Port #Logistics has already starting planning for the traditional 2nd half of the calendar year peak period.

The business has just concluded a deal for 19 Twin Pick Empty Container Handlers and 14 Heavy Reach Stackers to join our sizeable fleet in 2023 alone. These new machines will be under a regular service maintenance contract with Ultro Port Solutions nationally.

ACFS would like to thank our good friends at SANY Group who have worked tirelessly to meet our requirements in spec, as well as meet the delivery timelines and volume of the order, which will assist us in renewing and growing our fleet, handling our large forecasted volumes of containers.

Nothing better than starting the year strong!!!