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ACFS pilots smart technology to manage fatigue

ACFS Port Logistics is using smart technology to manage and measure fatigue within its fleet.  As part of a 12-month pilot spearheaded by Port of Brisbane and the Queensland Trucking Association, ACFS will install new SmartCap technology as part of a the Heavy Vehicle Safety Around Ports project.

SmartCap is a wearable technology that measures fatigue; it is a headband mounted into a cap that measures changes in a person’s electroencephalogram – or electrical activity in the brain, and provides measurements of alertness in real time to operators and drivers.

ACFS CEO, Arthur Tzaneros, said participating in this pilot is testament to the organisations commitment in helping make Brisbane Ports safe.  “Road and driver safety has always been a major focus for ACFS, utilising smart technology to measure and manage fatigue is a progressive and ingenious way forward,” said Mr Tzaneros.

ACFS will continue to work with the Port of Brisbane, Queensland Trucking Association and the National Heavy Vehicle Register to understand the impact SmartCap will bring to the industry.

“We see the utilisation of intelligent software becoming a greater focus across our business, as Australia’s largest privately owned container logistics operator in Australia, the early adoption of technology will play an important role in setting the benchmark for safety and operational management, “ said Mr Tzaneros.

ACFS Port Logistics moves over 750,000 TEU of fully laden containers annually across its national facilities in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

With a focus on maximising its transport, ACFS Port Logistics runs in excess of 300 vehicles which include high performance vehicles, all transport modes aim to maximise delivery efficiencies across weight, cube and/or TEU.

Employing over 1,200 people and growing each year, ACFS Port Logistics offers the only 24 hour Empty Park facilities, ensuring customers speed to de-hire and minimise any cost impact associated with late de-hires.