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ACFS Port Logistics are Introducing the A-Double Tautliner Across the East Coast.

ACFS have introduced the A-Double Tautliner solution across the East Coast.

ACFS prides itself on being a solutions provider, and here we showcase our 3 pillar promise (Maximise TEU, Weight, and Cube) through the investment of multiple Tautliner HPV’s (Higher productivity vehicles) across the country.

· ACFS has purpose built the 30m long higher productivity combinations, using the Mercedes #Daimler (90T GVM) product to lead, and #Vawdrey manufactured A-Double trailers

· Features of this HPV trailer combination include 44 pallet floor locations (88 x 1.2m standard pallets), electronic mezzanine decks internally to raise and or lower heights, and full curtain load restraint.

· The first set of this combination was rolled out in Brisbane, focusing on a shuttle service between the ACFS 3PL Warehousing and our long standing FMCG customer, delivering vital food supply items in a more productive manner.

ACFS are focused on the continuous improvement initiatives that drive solution outcomes for our customers. Look out for these long vehicle sets of red, white and blue!