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ACFS Port Logistics Expands it South Western Footprint

ACFS Port Logistics expands it South Western footprint with a brand new warehouse logistics facility in Preston (NSW).

The Preston facility will be serviced by the ACFS Glenlee Rail Intermodal Depot and also via Higher Productivity vehicles (HPV) ex Port Botany.

The new site is 2.72ha in overall size, and has a warehouse footprint of 15,028sqm. This expands ACFS western warehouse footprint to circa 76,000sqm, and over 120,000sqm in NSW alone.

This new site will present with key features such as 3 sunken docks, 5 on grade roller doors, LED lighting, rainwater harvesting, solar paneling and most importantly has direct access to the M7. (connecting to the Sydney orbital network)

ACFS has appointed National Make Good Solutions (Dexion) for the racking fit out of 16,807 pallet locations, and this work will commence on the 15th November (Early access). Practical completion is due for the 13th December 2021, and ACFS will immediately occupy the site with an immediate ramp up.

ACFS would like to thank @Loftex who is the landlord, and @GregPike from JLL for brokering the deal on behalf of ACFS.

Connecting our network of sites, is what drives our customer solutions for our blue chip customers.