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ACFS Port Logistics Truck In-Cab Technology Upgrade

As part of ACFS’s digital transformation strategy, #ACFS continues to invest in well integrated best of breed technologies to improve customer experience and drive better outcomes for safety of its employees.

ACFS has partnered with #MTData to install and implement a full in-truck cabin solution enabling superior control, visibility, scalability across ACFS fleet.

Truck cabins are fitted with a new semi-ruggedised Samsung tablet, black box and DVR (dashcam) system. The black box measures the relative health and performance of the truck whilst the tablet ensures pre-start checklists, fatigue, and job data are all managed collectively. The DVR (dashcam) system allows for recording and viewing of video footage from four points of view (2x on the mirrors, 1x facing forward, and 1x facing the driver).

Having this good source of data allows for further upstream benefits too. Digitising runsheets allows for less physical paperwork handling by drivers and helps provide a far more detailed view of historical events and movements of equipment and goods. Greater health data of the truck enables trigger of alerts for preventative maintenance leading to overall improved longevity of assets in the fleet.