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ACFS Supports Transport Reform

ACFS Port Logistics joined hundreds of transport workers and industry representatives around the country to call on the Federal Parliament to back transport reform to help make the industry safer, fairer, and more sustainable.

The Transport Workers Union (TWU) facilitated a nationwide convoy as a call out for stronger protections for the industry and calling for reform which took place on Saturday. The Transport Workers Union (TWU) National Security Michael Kane stated the industry was calling for changes to fix a crisis in “Australia’s deadliest industry”.

ACFS Port Logistics workers and truck drivers participated in the nationwide convoy to support the push for safety reform and advocate for transport workers’ rights, safety, and fair working conditions. Worker safety is critical to ACFS as we’re committed to getting people home safely every day.

The transport industry is an “essential service” of the Australian economy, however the industry faces various challenges that can have significant impacts on workers and or strong compliant market leading business entities.

Transport workers are facing risks associated with fatigue, high-pressure working environment and poor working conditions and wages, whilst market leading business entities with market leading wages and conditions are being challenged by an unregulated gig economy and or sham contracting employers, pushing down rates, standards and the ongoing viability of workers and companies alike.

Saturday’s convoy was highlighting the need for comprehensive safety regulations and enforcement to ensure the ongoing well-being and viability of workers and companies. ACFS Transport workers from all over the country joined forces on Saturday to show their solidarity.

ACFS will always fight for safer conditions for all transport workers and business entities, supporting this life saving legislation, whilst ensuring the viability of companies ongoing #TransportReformNow.