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Emission Reduction – Hydrogen Trial Results

As Australia’s largest privately owned Port Logistics company operating hundreds of Prime Movers nationally, ACFS Port Logistics is a business that embraces #sustainability and has heavily invested in various GreenTech projects with the objective to reduce carbon emissions.

One of the key initiatives that was undertaken was in collaboration with #H2ZERO, who distributes and supports the #dynaCERT‘s range of hydraGEN products in Australia/NZ.

HydraGEN™ Technology uses simple electrolysis to turn distilled water into H2 & O2 gases that are produced on demand, resulting in the reduction of carbon emissions and diesel.

After a successful 3months trial of the HydroGEN Unit, #ACFS Port Logistics delivers 16.82% reduction in diesel consumption on a 15litre Euro5 Truck.

–  The testing began with a baseline of 3 months. This was: September, October & November in 2022.
–  The trail commenced in December 2022 and continued in January & February 2023
–  On completion, H2ZERO compared the baseline vs the trail which delivered an average of 16.82% reduction in fuel.

The Hydralytica program run by HydroGEN use GEOTAB reporting to calculate carbon reduction. The data metrics used were Operational Days, Kms, Used Litres & Litres per Km. The testing showed a significant reduction in the amount of “Used Litres” above expectation.

AFCS would like to thank Kerry W.- Executive Manager at H2ZERO for assisting during the 3month trial and providing the data which has justified ACFS decision to roll out the hydrogen units to our Euro5 and Euro 6 Fleet.

ACFS is continually looking for new innovative technologies designed to reduce its carbon footprint. Our customers and partners share our environmental values where we work together on these initiatives for a more sustainable future within the #transport and #logistics industry.