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Further Success for B Triple Partnerships

The introduction of the Super B Triple at the Port of Brisbane earlier this year has been a great success to date with further approvals and expansions to run the B Triples to Empty Parks on the Port of Brisbane.

We are extremely grateful to have gained approval and partner with BMT, Cargolink and AAT on this solution promoting productivity and carbon emission reduction per container. With the great success of the B Triple, ACFS has further strengthened its partnerships. This is another success story for the Transport division in Port of Brisbane and a great example of thought-leadership.

The Super B Triple is 42m long, it can transport 6 TEU equivalent (6 x 20FT or 3 x 40FT) empty containers at a time which will give ACFS the ability to transport more empty containers per truck load which will result in reduction of emissions, further efficiencies and enhance safety by reducing driver fatigue with fewer truck movements.

Undertaking this initiative shows the true commitment and dedication to innovation that introduce smarter processes. With a goal of reducing carbon emissions, increase productivity, and providing a safer experience for drivers is a key factor of the ACFS #betterway.

With more projects currently under development and with further approvals in consultation, make sure you follow our Posts for further updates in 2023