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Fuso Trucks – Fleet Renewal Program

As part of the Fleet Renewal Program, ACFS Port Logistics are excited to promote that we have purchased our first 10 Fuso trucks through Daimler.

The Fuso Trucks will complement our large Mercedes-Benz HPV fleet which also been purchased through Daimler. The Fuso trucks will be used in single, B-Double and Sideloader applications.

ACFS Port Logistics has ramped up its commitment to reducing its Carbon Emissions with the Fleet Renewal Program focusing on clean green trucks that are Euro6 emissions standard.

Euro6 trucks cut particulate matter by 99% and reduce nitrogen oxide by 97% and a saving of at least 7% is expected of its fuel economy. Safety and environmental features on the Mercedes includes Euro6 emission engine technology, including full engine and safety data monitoring through MT Data, and internal and external camera visibility.

ACFS is continually looking for new innovative technologies designed to reduce its carbon footprint. our customers share our environmental values where we work together on these initiatives and supportive of replacing the Euro5 trucks in the fleet with the new Euro6 fleet. A substantial part of our fleet will be comprised of Euro6 vehicles

ACFS are focused on the continuous improvement initiatives that drive solution outcomes for our customers #betterway.