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Going Green with ACFS Port Logistics

As Australian’s leading wharf logistics company, ACFS Port Logistics (ACFS) has taken the initiative to set the benchmark in the industry and lead by example. This means, reducing the carbon footprint of the business while managing growth.

Over the years, ACFS have repeatedly promoted the “Three-Pillar Policy” strategy.  This was birthed and introduced to the ACFS Transport department by CEO, Arthur Tzaneros in 2015. The Three-Pillar-Policy mean:

➡ Maximise Cube
➡ Maximise Weight
➡ Maximise TEU

This strategy is all about BEHAVIOUR and IMPACT. Creating a culture of efficiency starts with the committed to sustainable practices followed by purchasing the right equipment. For example, the upgrade and acquisition of Euro6 Daimler Mercedes Prime Movers with PBS A-Doubles Skel’s (aka – Higher Productivity Vehicles) means that ACFS can maximise the payload by carrying a combination of 20’ and 40’containers or two 40’containers at once. This giving a market advantage around the Port, Customer Deliveries and Empty Parks.

During the last five years, this strategy in converting single trailer trips to Higher Productivity Vehicles, has been witness to a reduction on the number of daily trips by 15%, consequently reducing carbon emissions and the impact on the environment. The ACFS “Go Green” initiative has been a wonderful success that is celebrated across all states.

ACFS Port Logistics is proud to be leading the way in the wharf logistics industry by investing in renewable energy and reducing the carbon emissions footprint. ACFS Port Logistics is demonstrating its commitment to sustainability and their responsibility towards the planet.

Stay tuned for more updates as ACFS continue to explore innovative ways to contribute to a cleaner and greener future!