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Industry Game Changer – PROJECT GREEN TECH

ACFS Port Logistics are proud to announce the latest addition to their Container Handling inventory with the implementation of the new Hybrid Empty Container Handlers.

Through the partnership with CVS Ferrari and All Lift Forklifts and Access Equipment, ACFS have introduced the HY-LIFT to their port operations. With the first machine arriving at our Brisbane e-Depot facility last week, ACFS have a plan to roll these units out across the country as a major key supplier.

What sets ACFS apart in the market is our commitment to clients and community. A proud family business, that has made a significant investment to promote Emission Reduction as part of the ACFS Green Initiative.  The ACFS Green initiative began with a Focus Group to work on various initiatives, one being PROJECT GREEN TECH. This includes modernising fleet, forks and introducing Solar to all our sites. All this forms the commitment to reduce Carbon Emissions per container delivered.

The redundancy of power hydraulics and their replacement with electric powered winches directly mounted on the mast, allied to several other new and re-invented energy saving and power recovery technologies, with the fastest lifting speeds ever, the HY-LIFT is also much cleaner, with significant safety features making it clearly the most advanced forklift brand / model in our fleet.

The sophisticated software managed by the machine on-board computer optimises energy recycling, storage, and usage, thus leading to major fuel saving. The on-board computer shows the generated, spent and recovered energy flows which provides detailed evidence of consumed and saved fuel.

The ACFS Brisbane Depots (e-Depot and e-Link) with a combined empty depot capacity of 25,535 TEU has become the benchmark of quality across the industry. ACFS has successfully taken another step forward that embraces sustainability.

ACFS is continually looking for new innovative technologies designed to reduce its carbon footprint and will always striving to reach new heights when implementing these Continuous Improvement Initiatives.

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