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New Euro6 Mercedes Benz Trucks Arrive in Melbourne

ACFS Port Logistics (ACFS) are proud to announce the new addition to their truck fleet in Melbourne with five new Euro6 Mercedes Benz Trucks, which is part of a larger order of 10.

ACFS has ramped up its commitment to reducing its Carbon Emissions having taken delivery of more new Euro6 Mercedes Benz Trucks coupled with new set of Higher Productivity Vehicle Trailers (HPV’s) that deliver on the ACFS 3 Pillar Policy of maximising 4 TEU per delivery.

What is the “3 Pillar Strategy”?

The 3 Pillar Policy is an initiative born in 2017 by Arthur Tzaneros our MD / CEO. The 5 year mission/vision of the initiative was to double the size of the business while decreasing the number of trucks used on the road by 25%.
The 3 Pillar Policy is a Optimisation Strategy focused on maximising 4 TEU per delivery using a Higher Productivity Vehicle (HPV). This is a truck and two trailers able to carry a max of 4 TEU as oppose to a single trailer that holds 1/2 TEU.
Over the last three years, ACFS has had a significant increase in volume and achieved its growth plan while delivering on the commitment to Carbon Emission Reduction by removing 25% of trucks within the ACFS fleet off the road.
This achievement has been one of the most rewarding milestones celebrated by the ACFS family, supported by our key suppliers in Daimler (Trucks) and Vawdrey (Trailers)

What Makes the Mercedes Benz Euro6 so Special?

Mercedes Benz Euro6 trucks cut particulate matter by 99%, reduce nitrogen oxide by 97%, offer a saving of at least 7% in fuel.
ACFS is continually looking for new innovative technologies designed to reduce its carbon footprint but the best solution ACFS has delivered comes from maximising the multimodal strategy. This includes a mixture of HPV trucks/trailer combo and metro Rail. As a summary of key features:

✔ Lower emissions
✔ Lower maintenance
✔ Lower noise disturbance
✔ Better performance
✔ Increased efficiency

The utilisation of these new prime movers enables more efficient processes as to rear dock load/unload, improved TEU utilisation and maximising capacity by being able to carry 4 x 20ft or 2 x 40ft containers.


Environmental values are shared across the industry and as a the largest mover of containers, these initiatives are only successful when supported by the market.