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Port of Brisbane Further Expansion Update

Since 2017 when the main ACFS Port of Brisbane site was developed initially, there has been 4 additional stages of development across the entire facility, that has set the benchmark for quality for a fully integrated facility of services to industry.

As we announce the new 10,000sqm warehouse expansion in stage 5, we are thrilled to also announce that within 4 weeks of occupation that the warehouse has reached 84% occupation, with over 10,400 pallets already placed within the racking locations

As a business that promotes #agility and #can-do-attitude, the ACFS Warehouse team have done an exceptional job achieving the imposable. With the coordination and careful staged planning handover with our racking partner in Premier Pallet Racking, the ACFS team were filling the racks as each isle was handed over completed and compliant.

The staff at ACFS take great pride in their work, putting in the hard-yards and always striving to reach new heights when taking on new and required space. This volume was previously accommodated throughout our existing footprint, creating severe congestion that the team miraculously worked through until completion of the new warehouse.

The Warehouse expansion is an additional 13,150 pallets. This offers a massive warehousing footprint in the Port of Brisbane with a circa 104,000 pallet and or bulk locations in total across the facilities.

ACFS would like to thank all that are involved in the continued growth of our Brisbane operations. Great team!