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St Marys Celebrates 1 Year Since the First Train

It’s been a year since ACFS’s – St Marys Intermodal Depot (Stage 1) – has come to fruition.

The St Marys Intermodal Depot has been very influential in the Sydney Zone Strategy, which is to bring the “Port Service” closer to customers in Sydney West.

Reflecting on the journey has been humbling. From our first month were we started with 1x Train Service a week to now running 14x Train Service per week.

The Intermodal site is a fully functional Intermodal Depot with @PacificNational delivering multiple times a day on a dedicated port shuttle service, and a great dedicated team to make sure the site is running safely and efficiently.

ACFS are now planning for Stage 2 of the Intermodal development. We will be announcing upcoming infrastructure projects soon, so please follow us on LinkedIn to get the updates first.