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Sydney’s Empty Depot Expansion

As part of the NSW Freight and Ports Plan to improve the flow of containers through the terminal gateways and specifically improve the movement of empty containers into and out of Port Botany, ACFS Port Logistics has been on a mission to be market leaders in providing Empty Container Depot services.

The expansion in Port Botany (Sydney), will see the site being driven by a strong technology focus resulting in Paperless processing for trucks designed to further streamline the efficient processing of vehicles. This will include key features such as number plate and container number recognition. This level of technology will further enhance the ACFS premium service offer to carriers, whilst also improving safety onsite with minimal requirement for drivers to exit their trucks prior to the container pins process

The site will have materially improved onsite queuing and truck processing areas, allowing for the 33 A-doubles (equivalent to 66 trucks).

The expansion development will be fully equipped with state of the art Maintenance and Repair facilities M&R, ample Reefer points, PTI services supported by a larger ground support crew and additional equipment to service the Container Yard.  The scope of the expansion will see the following benefits:

  • Capacity to grow from 3,200 TEU to 11,538 TEU
  • PTI (Pre-Trip Inspection) Reefer pre-tripping currently 50 TEU and expanding to 284 TEU
  • Washing & Lining Facilities currently 50 TEU and expanding to 284 TEU
  • Container Repairs & Modifications currently 30 TEU and expanding to 94 TEU
  • Maintaining 24/6 Operation (7 days for stack runs)

The ACFS network of sites minimises the costs of empty container management  This is achieved by operating 24/6 on port, off port and in the intermodal terminals, therefore promoting efficiencies for both road and rail operators.

ACFS is working harder to make the process easier as part of their Continuous Improvement initiatives also known as #betterway

If you have any questions in relation to Empty Container Depots and the services that ACFS provide, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Michael Tzaneros (National Commercial Manager (Rail & Empty Depots) – [email protected]