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The Story of the Montevideo Maru

ACFS Port Logistics (ACFS) Managing Director and CEO Arthur Tzaneros was humbled to be invited to the finding Montevideo Maru after 81yrs of search. It was a heartfelt commemorative dinner held to honour and remember the victims who were tragically lost on the merchant ship Montevideo Maru and therefore provide some respectful closure for the related families and friends.

The dinner was held on the 27th November 2023 in honour of the tragedy that claimed the lives of 979 Australian troops and civilians.  The dinner was hosted by John Mullen, Director of Silent World Foundation. In attendance was the Prime Minster – Anthony Albanese, Chief of Army – Lieutenant General Simon Stuart, Chief of Navy – Vice Admiral Mark Hammond and many other esteemed guests.

The evening was a beautiful tribute to those who perished in the devastating incident, offering a space for reflection, remembrance, and solidarity. It was an opportunity for the community to come together and pay their respects to the brave souls who lost their lives.

Distinguished speakers shared stories, anecdotes, and historical accounts, shedding light on the significance of the Montevideo Maru tragedy. It was a powerful reminder of the sacrifices made by those aboard the ship and the impact it had on countless lives.

The event also featured displays of artifacts, photographs, and documents that helped tell the story of the Montevideo Maru. These visual representations served as a poignant reminder of the lives lost and highlighted the importance of preserving historical records.

The commemorative dinner was not only a moment to honour the victims but also an opportunity to raise awareness about this lesser-known piece of history. It aimed to foster a deeper understanding among the attendees and inspire them to share this knowledge with others.

On behalf of ACFS, Arthur Tzaneros extends his deepest gratitude to John Mullen for his relentless efforts, all the organisers, donors, volunteers, and participants who made this momentous find possible. The dedication and commitment to finding and preserving the memory of the Montevideo Maru victims is truly commendable.

As we remember the victims of the Montevideo Maru tragedy, may their sacrifice never be forgotten. Let us continue to honour their memory and keep their stories alive for generations to come.