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Update on Adverse Weather Conditions – Port Botany – Wednesday 22 April 2015

Dear Customers

The situation at Port Botany has not changed with ongoing high winds and heavy rain falls.

Container Terminals and Empty Parks are still closed and will remain closed whilst current poor weather continues.

The closures will effect FCL deliveries for containers currently on vessels at berth or on ground at the Port Botany Terminals.

ACFS will continue to deliver containers that were collected prior to the closure, therefore please communicate your requirements through the ACFS coordinators as normal.

High winds have slowed operations within our Port Botany facility and heavy traffic is causing further delays however please be patient as we complete deliveries that may be slightly behind schedule.

We will keep you updated on the weather conditions and the effect on Port Botany Operations.

Please be mindful Empty Park closures may impact on container free days. Therefore it may be prudent to contact your shipping lines for extended free time due to this unforseen event.