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Warehousing the ACFS Way

⬇ Evolution of the ACFS Warehousing Services ⬇
ACFS Port Logistics has been operating for over 17 years and in that time, the services have evolved to adopt to market demands. The evolution of the ACFS Warehousing Services is a great example of our journey, starting at humble beginnings on Port providing only offering Unpack and 3PL service to a national on-port & off-port footprint with a full suite of service including e-commerce and becoming a serious competitor in the market. ACFS understands that every customer has different objectives and requirements. The dedicated team pride themselves on supporting customers and designing solutions to meet their requirements. With presence in Australia and New Zealand, ACFS are in a position to offer an end-end sophisticated solution.

⬇ Evolution of the ACFS Warehousing Investment ⬇
With continues investment, ACFS is technologically advanced in its intuitive inventory control system. ACFS enables its clients the ability to manage their stock remotely as an extension of their own warehouse. Creating this customer link provides each client the enhanced ability to plan, manage and forecast more accurately and efficiently. With a massive warehouse footprint of over 350,000m2 and expanding rapidly, ACFS provides our customers with the capacity to fulfil any warehousing needs.

⬇ Evolution of the ACFS Warehousing Fleet ⬇
ACFS 3PL division operates a specialty fleet ranging in capability from Drop Decks to Maxi Liners capable of transporting 68 Pallets per load (reliant on configuration) delivering on our 3-Pillar promise to maximise TEU, Weight and/or Cube in order to effectively minimise costs per load. This capability allows ACFS 3PL to effectively increase productivity and decrease cost, achieving positive results for each client. To complement the operational excellence of the ACFS 3PL Logistics Division, ACFS provides the service of pallet transport to Distribution Centres and consumer locations across Australia. Each division characteristically boasts state of the art technology with advanced fleet management, maximising productivity and efficiency.

⬇ Evolution of the ACFS Warehousing Services ⬇
With the introduction of the Fulfilment services, ACFS rebranded the Warehousing division as under e-Solutions. This launch offers a range of warehouse and fulfilment services, providing flexible and scalable logistics solutions to our valued clients. ACFS provides each client a world class service through the implementation of its state of the art WMS (Warehouse Management System), catering to the requirements of tailor made operational expectations.