International Youth Interactive Friendship Camp - Shanghai

Young people(15-17years old) from more than 20 countries will spend
ten joyful days together in the Shanghai camp. They will have the
chance to experience Chinese culture as well as interacting with
young people of many different nationalities and ethnicity.

Welcome to ACFS

Founded in 1951, to promote friendship
and understanding between the peoples
of Australia and People's Republic of China.

Salamanca Market, Hobart

The Turtle Head Park

Lake Tai, Jiangsu, China
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Uluru, Alice Springs

The Red Beach

Panjin City, Liaoning, China

The Great Barrier Reef

River Torrens, Adelaide


Who are we?

Australia China Friendship Society is a voluntary organisation, a non-profit, non-sectarian, non-racial society. The National Body is a Company Limited by Guarantee and all eight branches are incorporated in their respective States or Territories.

Our Aim

The aim and purpose of the Society is to promote friendship and understanding between the peoples of Australia and the People\’s Republic of China.


ACFS is established over 60 years ago, the Society has always been an advocate of strong ties of friendship between Australia and China. Trade and cultural links between the two countries are of vital importance.

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Tasmania Branch

Tasmanian Blue Gum
(Eucalyptus globulus)
South Australia Sturts_desert_pea

South Australia Branch

Sturt's Desert Pea
(Swainsona formosa)

Queensland Branch

Cooktown Orchid
(Vappodes phalaenopsis´╝ë

Western Australia Branch

Red and Green Kangaroo Paw (Anigozanthos manglesii)

Northern Territory Branch

Sturt's Desert Rose
(Gossypium sturtianum)
Modified by CombineZP

Victoria Branch

Pink Heath
(Epacris impressa)

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Welcome to New ACFS site!

The ACFS site has been re-novated, Tasmania and Queensland website is also now available.